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Agios Stefanos 6.4 km

Here you will enjoy the best sunset overlooking Delos. Popular beach, is fully equipped and ideal for all ages. Ample parking.


Organized cozy beach with great views of the island of Delos. Here is also located one of the two camping’s of Mykonos a fact that gives an alternative style to the beach.

Agrari 12.6 km

Velvet sand, crystal blue waters and cool mood, is the ideal solution for those who are not big fans of the crowds. You can also find various watersports.

Kapari 6.9 km,

Small beach with sand next to St. John’s beach. It is also a favorite spot of those who want isolation.

Fokos 13.7 km

If you are seeking complete isolation and being far away from anything annoying, Fokos beach is the solution for you.

Mersini 14.4 km

It is located next to the beach of Fokos and it offers serenity and an ultimate relaxation experience.

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