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Mykonos is undeniably the queen of fun of the Greek islands! Cosmopolitan parties, trendy clubs, stylish bars, award-winning restaurants, beaches with turquoise waters and amazing beach bars are only some of the reasons to visit this Cycladic island. Elia, Psarou, Paraga, Super Paradise and Ftelia are organized beaches for the seculars, Fokos, Mersini and Kapari for those wanting some seclusion. Worth a stroll in the Neolithic colonization of Ftelia and the Mycenaean vaulted tomb at Vrisi location, and of course the complex of the Windmills between Alefcandra and Niochori in Chora of Mykonos. Very close to the port, in Kamnaki district, overlooking the harbor, is located the Archaeological Museum of the island with important prehistoric finds. The island also operates Agricultural, Folklore and Maritime museums.

The Location
Only 6 km away from the airport of Mykonos and 3.5 km from the Chora, the Dreambox is located in the heart of the island. Adjacent to Corfos Beach, meeting point of versed Kite surfers and the famous beach of Ornos is the ideal starting base to explore Mykonos.
Local Escapes


3.9 km Platis Gialos

One of the most populated beaches, wide, sandy and well organized. Here you can take the boat to make a mini cruise to close by beaches of Paraga, Paradise, Super Paradise, Agrari and Elia.

Psarrou 3.2 km

The most famous beach of Mykonos, fully organized with a wonderful sandy beach. Here you can find a diving center for a unique diving experience of Mykonos’ deep blue waters.

Ftelia 7.9 km

A manginficent windy beach for windsurf lovers. An impressive complex of rocks separates the beach in two points and adds to the natural beauty.


Ornos 400 m.

A wonderful sheltered beach which is ideal for families. Here is the starting point for a boat trip to southern beaches. The small beach marina can also accommodate yachts.

Elia 12.7 km

Long, sandy beach attracts many celebrities and along with Psarrou are the most famous beaches of the island.

Super Paradise 6.5 km

Known for its all day party attracts mainly youngsters. Eccentricity and clubbing until dawn.

Lia 13.9 km

The last of the southern beaches that you can go by car. The road is long and bumpy but the scenery is wonderful. Fully organized, you can find sun beds, restaurants and beach bars.

Agios Stefanos 6.4 km

Here you will enjoy the best sunset overlooking Delos. Popular beach, is fully equipped and ideal for all ages. Ample parking.


Organized cozy beach with great views of the island of Delos. Here is also located one of the two camping’s of Mykonos a fact that gives an alternative style to the beach.

Agrari 12.6 km

Velvet sand, crystal blue waters and cool mood, is the ideal solution for those who are not big fans of the crowds. You can also find various watersports.

Kapari 6.9 km,

Small beach with sand next to St. John’s beach. It is also a favorite spot of those who want isolation.

Fokos 13.7 km

If you are seeking complete isolation and being far away from anything annoying, Fokos beach is the solution for you.

Mersini 14.4 km

It is located next to the beach of Fokos and it offers serenity and an ultimate relaxation experience.


Archaeological Museum: 09: 00-16: 00

The museum is located at Kamnaki position close to the port of Mykonos. It accomodates a rich collection Cycladic ceramics from the geometric period until 6th BC c.

Opening hours: Tues-Sun 09: 00-16: 00. Tel .: 22890-22325

Aegean Maritime Museum

Located at Tria Pigadia, includes replicas of rowing, sailing and steam boats from Prehistory to the present day. It also has a rich collection of maps and other engravings, ancient coins and navigation instruments.

Opening Hours: Daily 10: 30-13: 00 and 18: 30-21: 00. Tel .: 22890-22700

Mykonos Folklore Museum

It is in the Castle, just meters from the famous Paraportiani and it is housed in an old two-storey navy mansion. The collections include antique furniture, Byzantine icons, folk pottery artifacts, textiles, library and many utility objects of everyday life of the inhabitants of the last century to the island.

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 16: 30-20: 30. Tel .: 22890-22591

Agricultural Museum

It is essentially part of the Folklore Museum of the island. Located at the Upper Mills, it is an outdoor museum demonstrating traditional agricultural facilities of past era.

Operating hours: Daily from July to September: 16: 00-20: 00. Tel .: 2289026246


Holidays are not only sunbathing, it is about collecting experiences too! Why not Kite Surfing at Korfos, Windsurfing at Ftelia and diving at Lia and beyond instead of just drinking mojitos under the sun? Furthermore you can try watersports to beaches like Elia, Kalo Livadi, Platis Gialos, the Paradise Beach, Agrari and Kalafatis. If you are interested in renting a yacht Mykonos gives you this possibility too.


Got dreams of the Mediterranean on your mind?

The  island of Mykonos might just be the ticket.

Whether you’re travelling on a solo adventure, jetting off with your friends for a week of fun in the sun, backpacking around Europe, or injecting some culture in to your family holiday, Mykonos is the place to go.

Work on your tan, stroll around Mykonos Town, party until sunrise,  visit the Windmills or take a selfie with Petros the Pelican, You are standing in the hall of fame of Mykonos!

Don’t forget to visit…

  • Remezzo
  • Nikos taverna
  • Cavo Paradiso – Paradise
  • Super Paradise Jackie O
  • Nammos Psarou
  • Paraga Tasos taverna
  • Paraga Scorpios
  • Kikis Agios Sostis
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